Dibble and Dabble Creativity Center

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding what we offer. .


We provide a wide variety of pottery pieces.  Creativity clients simply pick a piece of pottery to paint. Clients choose and creatively design the piece.  They choose between glazes that are fired in our studio and make and take acrylic paints.  A wide selection of usable and decorative items are available to choose from. Dibble and Dabble stocks an array of bisqueware and pottery pieces.  Dibble and Dabble never charges additional studio fees. The price of the piece is the only price you pay. 



Dibble and Dabble prepares a "Craft of the Month" based upon the monthly art theme.  However, individuals and groups may request craft classes based upon the comprehensive list of offerings.


We offer canvas painting sessions for all ages and artistic abilities.  The art instructor provides step by step instructions to guide you through completion.  At the end of the session, each participant leaves with a finished masterpiece they can proudly display in their home or office. Dibble and Dabble's motto is, "Artistic ability is not needed.  Success and fun are guaranteed!"

4 Carteret Ave. Carteret, NJ 07008 Phone: 732-366-4401 "Where a little bit of this and a little bit of that becomes a whole lot of creative fun for everyone!"